The neighborhood farm is back.
Re-opening February 2023.


Our sample box brings you a glimpse of Farm.One's sparkling fresh and flavorful herbs, greens and flowers.

This week's box includes the following:
Mesclun mix, Miz America Mizuna, Toscano Kale, Mini Scallion, Green Sorrel, Sweet Alyssum Flower, Opal Basil

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about FARM.ONE

We grow unique premium salad greens, specialty herbs, micro greens and edible flowers for chefs and local Members via a farm membership program. Curated greens packs, ready-to-eat salad mixes and other fresh ingredients are available to consumers on a weekly basis.

We also use farm ingredients in a variety of other products including specialty beverages (smoothies, seltzers, juices and 0% ABV). Our vertical farm grows indoors year-round, right in the heart of the city.

For high-end chefs, including Michelin-star rated restaurants, we grow to order and provide Michelin-star quality greens mixes, micros, rare herbs and edible flowers in support of one-of-a-kind menus. For farm members, we provide premium, specially curated, ready to eat salad green mixes and other ingredients each week.

Instead of ordering a restaurant salad two or three times per week in single-use packaging, or using grocery produce in a salad or as part of other meals, you can order our Michelin-star quality, locally grown, sustainably delivered greens pack on a weekly basis.

Our reusable / returnable containers are packed with greens and other ingredients bento-style (together but separate).

This means you can toss the whole container into one salad, multiple different salads, or use various ingredients to garnish a burger, spice up fish, put on your favorite pizza, add to your favorite recipe, or toss in the juicer to make your favorite blend or smoothie. There is no limit to your creativity with our greens pack. There is a ton of value in every pack.

There is nothing fresher or more flavorful. Visit our showroom, take a tour, book a private event, enjoy botanical beverages, experience live events. Become a member! Join a thriving community. Live the experience.

We are purpose-driven and built our farm to be sustainable to the highest standard, equitable in employment, beneficial to the community, and, most importantly, delightful.

We built our farm for you.

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We grow a uniquely luxurious variety of baby and micro greens, herbs and flowers, available in pack sizes to suit your family.

You may never have had a more surprisingly delicious salad. The curated combination of greens, herbs and flowers create a dish beyond your ordinary expectations.

Each week the mix changes, and includes new varieties from our catalog of hundreds of rare herbs, greens and edible flowers.

no nasties

We pack in sturdy containers, which are returned, washed and sanitized, then re-used.

We harvest directly for you, skipping the normal long grocery store supply chain. There is nothing fresher.

We use no pesticides, and we only sell locally, eliminating food miles.

More goodies

Our Members can select fresh beverages and other surprises made using our botanical ingredients with their greens.

Members receive access to special events, and discounts on public Farm.One events and products.